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Hearing Loss


Best hospital for Hearing Loss Treatment in Kphb | Kukatpally | Hyderabad

My health hospitals has best ENT Surgeons with 10 + years of experience in the field of EAR, NOSE & THROAT diseases and their treatment with advanced and best technology(Oto scopy / ENT microscopy) with best results through safe and painless surgery with less hospital stay duration and prevent future problems and recurrence.

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---- Overview ----


There are usually three types of hearing loss:

  • Conductive Hearing loss - which involves the outer or middle ear.
  • Sensiro neural Hearing loss- which mainly involves the inner ear.
  • Mixed, which is a mix of the two (Both conductive and sensiro neural).

Hearing loss is usually diagnosed by patients complaints of decreased hearing and confirmed by specific tests which finds the actual cause and treatment is directed to treating the cause of hearing loss and most of the times it is curable in best hands.

What are the Causes of Hearing loss ?

Damage to the inner ear - Aging and loud noise can damage on the hairs or nerve cells in the cochlea which don't send electrical signals well and may cause hearing loss.

Building up of earwax- Over time, earwax can block the ear canal and keep sound waves from passing through.

Ear infection or unusual bone growths or tumors - In the outer or middle ear, any of these can cause hearing loss.

Ruptured eardrum (Tympanic membrane perforation)- Poking eardrum with an object , Loud blasts of noise causing sudden changes in pressure, can cause the eardrum to rupture.

Risk factors

Aging- The inner ear wears and tears over time.

Loud noise- Being around loud sounds over time can damage the cells of the inner ear.

Hereditary – Some cases may have hearing loss by birth.

Noises at work place – Factory workers or people working in metal industries are more prone.

Medications- Gentamicin, sildenafil (Viagra) , high doses of aspirin, other pain relievers, antimalarial drugs or loop diuretics which can damage the inner ear.

Medical illness- Meningitis with high fever can sometimes harm the cochlea.


What are the Symptoms of Hearing loss ?

  • Muffling of speech and other additional sounds.
  • Trouble in understanding words, especially in a crowded or a noisy place.
  • Trouble hearing the letters in a word that aren't vowels.
  • Needing to increase the volume of television or radio.
  • Being bothered by background noise.
  • Tinnitus - Ringing in the ears

How is hearing loss Diagnosed ?

Tests to diagnose hearing loss may include:

Physical examination – Your surgeon looks into your ear with an otoscope for possible causes of your hearing loss, such as earwax or an infection.

Screening tests - A whisper test, which involves covering one ear at a time and listening to words at many volumes can help in the level of hearing loss.

Tuning fork tests - Tuning forks are metal instruments that make sounds when hit and used for hearing of either ear which may show where the damage is in the ear.

Audiometric tests - Each tone is repeated at low levels to find out the quietest sound you can hear and reports are generated.


What is the Treatment of hearing loss ?

Treatment primarily depends on the cause of the hearing loss -

Options include:

Removing earwax - Earwax blockage is a cause of hearing loss that can be fixed by removing ear wax with suction.

Surgery- Some types of hearing loss can be treated with surgery.Surgery is either myringotomy /Stapedectomy/Tympanoplasty based on the cause of hearing loss .

Hearing aids- If hearing loss is a result from damage to the inner ear, a hearing aid can be helpful voices clearly and audiologist will suggest the size and type of Hearing aids to be used .

Cochlear implants - A cochlear implant isn't like a hearing aid, a cochlear implant goes around the parts of the inner ear that don't work to spur the hearing nerve.

---- FAQs ----

Hearing Loss

A person with hearing loss can still hear sounds well enough to participate in conversations. They can improve their hearing ability through hearing aids or other treatments. Someone who is deaf can hear very little or nothing at all. Hearing aids and devices don’t help. A person who is deaf may use sign language to communicate.

Medical insurance may provide coverage for hearing devices .check your plan for specific coverage.

Certain types and causes of hearing loss are treatable. You may regain most, or all, hearing with treatment. Sensorineural and age-related hearing loss is usually permanent. Most people with this type of hearing loss benefit from hearing aids.

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