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Hematuria - (Blood in Urine)


Best Treatment for Haematuria in Kphb | Kukatpally | Hyderabad

My health hospitals has best urologists with 10 + years of experience in the field of urology in treatment of various causes of Haematuria with advanced and best technology with best outcomes through safe and successful treatment options with less hospital stay duration.

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---- Overview ----

Haematuria(Blood in urine)

Haematuria means blood in urine. It is either gross (can be seen ) or microscopic (cannot be seen by naked eye) Either way, it’s important to find out the cause for blood in urine and treatment depends on the cause of haematuria.

What are the causes of haematuria?

Different problems can cause this to happen, including:

Urinary tract infections (UTIs)- UTIs can cause bleeding that makes urine look red, pink or brown. With a UTI, you also may have a strong urge to pee(URGENCY). You may have pain and burning while Urinating.

Infection to the kidneys - Kidney when infected is called pyelonephritis. But they are more likely to cause a fever and pain in the back, side or groin.

A bladder or kidney stone - The minerals in urine can form crystals on the walls of the kidneys or bladder. Over time, the crystals can become small, hard stones and may result in blood in urine.

Prostate enlargement - The prostate gland present only in male often gets bigger toward middle age. It then puts pressure on the urethra, blocking the flow of urine and may cause blood in urine. Sometimes, Infection of the prostate gland, called prostatitis(acute or chronic), can cause Haematuria.

Kidney disease - Blood in urine is a common symptom of a kidney disease called glomerulonephritis. In this Medical condition, the filters in the either of the kidneys become inflamed and may leak RBC into urine.

Urinary tract Cancers - Blood in urine (along with urine or clots) may be a sign of kidney, bladder or any cancer of the urinary tract.

Medicines- Medicines that prevent blood clots also are tied to blood in urine. In patients who are on Anti coagulants or antiplatelets for any medical problem may also have haematuria.

causes of Hematuria

What are the symptoms of haematuria?

Blood in the urine can look pink, red or cola-colored.

The bleeding often isn’t painful. But if blood clots get passed in the urine, that can hurt.

If associated with Urinary tract infection, you may have associated symptoms of UTI such as frequency, Urgency, Burning Micturition .

Back pain may be associated when source of blood is from the kidneys and tests are done to rule out any renal causes of haematuria.

symptoms of Hematuria

How do we diagnose haematuria?

Your urologist may advise some investigations based on your type and duration of haematuria -

Complete Urine Examination(CUE) - Used to diagnose blood(RBC) in the urine.

Imaging tests - An imaging test is often needed to find the cause of blood in the urine. You might need a CT or MRI scan, or an ultrasound examination.

Cystoscopy - urologist introduces a narrow scope fitted with a tiny camera into your bladder to check for causes of haematuria not resolved with medications.

Urine Cytology for malignant cells - It is done when thetre is persistant haematuria despite medications to rule out any upper urinary tract malignancy.

CECT KUB/CT Urogram - Sometimes you might be advised to undergo contrast CT by your urologist to rule out any upper urinary tract cause such as stones/malignancy for blood in urine (Haematuria).

diagnose Hematuria

What is the treatment for haematuria?

Whenever you notice blood in urine , consult an experienced urologist for the appropriate investigations and treatment based on cause .The treatment for blood in the urine depends on the exact cause.

Treatment might involve:

  • Taking antibiotics to clear a urinary tract infection
  • Trying a prescribed medicine to shrink an enlarged prostate.
  • Having a interventional surgical procedure(CYSTOSCOPY) to know the actual cause of haematuria.
  • Laser surgical intervention to break up bladder or kidney stones
---- FAQs ----

Haematuria - (Blood in Urine)

Blood in urine is a common finding. It affects an estimated 2% to 30% of the adult population.

Treating blood in your urine depends strongly on the actual cause of the haematuria. Your provider will use the information collected from your medical history, physical exam and test results to work with you to find the best treatment.

You shouldn’t ever ignore blood in your urine. It’s important to contact a healthcare provider if you see blood in your urine or if you have other symptoms related to haematuria.

Health care professionals treat hematuria by treating the underlying cause of the haematuria. You may not need treatment if there is no serious condition causing your haematuria.

Researchers have not found that eating, diet, and nutrition play a role in causing or preventing haematuria.

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are the most common cause of haematuria. Since the urinary tract is composed of the bladder, ureters, and kidneys, a UTI refers to an infection anywhere in that system. A bladder infection is called cystitis, and a kidney infection is called pyelonephritis

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